AUTM Foundation Highlighting Fellows and
#LikeAWoman at Annual Meeting

At the 2019 AUTM Annual Meeting, the AUTM Foundation will be highlighting this year’s 15 Technology Transfer Career Training Fellows funded by LifeArc, Tom Keyes and University of Alabama Birmingham with a variety of activities including the $100k in 100 Days campaign.

The campaign, spearheaded by a matching gift from Tom Keyes, honors Susan Riley Keyes’ legacy of service to AUTM, support of the profession, and training of future leaders. Funds will create an endowment to permanently support the fellowship program.

Susan’s legacy is also an inspiration for the Foundation’s #LikeAWoman campaign, designed to showcase the unique qualities that women bring into their roles as leaders, team members, innovators, and more. #LikeAWoman supports our diversity initiative and has been created to bring us closer to gender parity in the profession.

Learn more about both of these initiatives by reading below and stopping by our booth at the Annual Meeting! See you in Austin!

100k in 100 Days

“My hope is that those who we knew or are inspired by Susan’s generosity and compassion will see my efforts to support a worthy cause and they would be moved to offer their own support.”

— Tom Keyes

Susan Riley Keyes has left a legacy through her service to AUTM, support of the industry, and training of future leaders. With the generous support of Susan’s husband, Tom Keyes, the AUTM Foundation has created the Susan Riley Keyes Memorial Fellowship to continue this legacy through our Technology Transfer Career Training Program.

With the memorial fellowship, we are able to offer individuals that are employed by TTOs with 10 employees or less an opportunity to be a part of our Technology Transfer Career Training Program, a successful program designed to give fellows an opportunity to jump-start their careers in technology transfer.

Double Your Donation

With Tom’s continued support, we are working to endow the Susan Riley Keyes Memorial Fund to ensure the continuance of Susan’s legacy through this program. Tom has generously committed to match up to $50,000 in donations made within 100 days following February 10th, the start of the Annual Meeting. Help us meet our 100k in 100 days goal by doubling your donation and supporting the training of our future leaders.


Although the number of women listed on patents has increased over time, there is still a long way to go before we can say as an industry, that we truly embrace gender diversity and the benefits that it brings. According to a 2016 report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, it is projected that women will not see parity within patenting until 2092.

In an effort to narrow the patent gender gap, the AUTM Foundation is not only shedding light on the various obstacles faced by women innovators, but is also celebrating the inherent value of all women in innovation and beyond.

The AUTM Foundation is proud to highlight the unique contributions that women bring to their fields with our 2019 Annual Meeting Campaign, #LikeAWoman. The Foundation encourages attendees at this year’s meeting to reflect on and share the various ways women of all backgrounds enhance and uplift their communities, work environments, and the world. By elevating new ways of thinking, innovating, creating, and serving, women bring a distinct perspective to their roles as leaders, team members, parents, teachers, and citizens. Through #LikeAWoman, we embrace these contributions and hope that you will be inspired to join us in our development of programs that will bring us closer to gender parity within innovation and patenting.