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The 2017-2018 Fellows at the 2018 AUTM Annual Meeting

“The fellowship is an exceptional program which enabled me to ‘kick-start’ my technology-transfer career”

 Sven Hoffman, 2017-2018 fellow

Training the Next Generation

The AUTM Foundation has entered another year of facilitating our Technology Transfer Career Training Program! The program offers early career professionals or those looking to transition into careers in technology transfer an opportunity that includes formal training, networking and practical experience in this field.

The program pairs selected applicants with an experienced technology transfer mentor who offers in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the complexities of the profession. Fellows follow a core syllabus of educational webinars covering such topics as the fundamentals of technology transfer, invention disclosures from cradle to licensing, basic patenting, marketing, and negotiation. Each fellow is provided a two-year AUTM membership providing access to AUTM’s Technology Transfer Practice Manual. With unlimited access to 80+ webinar library, participants are immersed and guided through the seven Fundamentals of Technology Transfer. Fellows attend AUTM’s Essentials Course, Annual Meeting and one Regional Meeting to continue building their network and knowledge.

Program Highlights

The overarching goal of the program is to offer early career fellows unique resources and opportunities that will engage and encourage them to become the future leaders of the industry.

  • Individualized training without leaving current position
  • Webinar and live training hybrid method for deeper understanding
  • Mentor assigned to help advise and guide based on personal goals
  • Organizations able to tailor program to meet specific needs
  • Peer and professional networks are established
  • Certificate of Completion awarded

2020-2021 SRK Applications are open.

Susan Riley Keyes

Through the Susan Riley Keyes Memorial Fund, the AUTM Foundation is able to offer positions in our Technology Transfer Career Training Program to individuals from small TTO offices throughout North America. We humbly accepted the invitation to continue Susan’s legacy of support, service, and training and we are excited to share her legacy with a new group of fellows. You can learn more about Susan Riley Keyes here.



UK-based medical research charity, LifeArc
has partnered with the AUTM Foundation to
give students in the UK and EU an opportunity to take part in the Technology Transfer Career Training Program. Last year, seven competitive UK and EU scholars were awarded the Fellowship and this year the partnership has been renewed. You can learn more about the partnership and LifeArc here.



If you would like to sponsor an early-stage tech transfer professional or someone interested in joining the profession, please reach out to discuss how we’ll make it a reality.  The T3 Program is an excellent way of providing targeted skills through courses, webinars, mentorship and more.

Interested in Mentoring?

The AUTM Foundation is always looking for established technology transfer professionals that are interested in mentoring Fellows for the Technology Transfer Career Training Program. Mentors contribute greatly to the success of the program and the future of Technology Transfer as a whole. Becoming a mentor is not only valuable to the Fellows, but to the mentor as well. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a mentor, please email jkubinski@autmfoundation.com with subject line “T3 Mentor.”

2019-2020 Mentors

A big thank you to all of our mentors who passionately share their expertise and time to our talented fellows.

Mojdeh Bahar

Richard Cox

David Day

Michael Dilling

Scott Elmer

Kimberly Griffin

Shawn Hawkins

Yatin Karpe

Casie Kelly

Kirsten Leute

Nakia Malecio

Luna Mukherjee

Michael Muthig

Brian Shedd

Heather Walsh

2019 – 2020 Technology Transfer Career Training Fellows

LifeArc Fellows

Marie Therese Landers, Institute of Cancer Research

Marie Mifsud, University of Malta

Monika Magon, University of St Andrews

Jesse Peterson, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Neha Dhimole, Centre for Biomolecular Drug Research, Leibniz University Hannover

Dana Koludrovic, Beatson Institute for Cancer Research

Rachel Spruce, University of Birmingham

Susan Riley Keyes Fellows

Katie Kuhns, LSU Health New Orleans

Ayrianne Crawford, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Jeremy Greeter, East Carolina University

Sponsored Fellows

Kashmira  Kulkarni, University of Connecticut/ Azitra Inc

Adam Schworer, Washington University in St. Louis

Tina Suntres, University of Windsor

Zachary Kemmerer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Victor Haroldsen, University of California, Davis

Janet Yeo, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research