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The AUTM Foundation was founded by leaders of its parent organization, AUTM (Association). The Foundation was charged with creating awareness, building relationships and securing financial support for initiatives and programs that benefit the Association and the profession.

Led by experts in science, technology, business and economic development, as well as intellectual property and licensing, the Foundation is a philanthropic agent and relationship builder. The Foundation’s focus is to continually assess global needs in technology transfer and identify the strengths and opportunities within the AUTM community to help impact the profession.

Its unique position facilitates an exchange of ideas between AUTM and public/private entities to identify and fund initiatives that benefit the technology transfer community, further economic development and enhance the human condition.

The Foundation’s primary objectives are to:

  • Increase Awareness by sharing the impact and importance of technology transfer and economic development advocacy
  • Support the technology transfer process from the laboratory to the marketplace
  • Promote training and mentorship in the technology transfer field for professionals at every career stage
  • Build the Association’s capacity to provide expertise and programs by engaging academic and industry leaders