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Strength in Diversity

Our goal is to increase the number of women, minorities and other underrepresented groups active in disclosing, patenting and licensing of inventions and provide them with the mentoring and resources necessary for the development of technologies and entrepreneurship.

AUTM will work with research universities to increase entrepreneurship training opportunities for female scientists and help them adopt policies as needed that enable faculty to engage in entrepreneurial activities without jeopardizing their success in their career.

Limited research into the question of inclusion in technology transfer suggests that most women need to feel invited prior to the pursuit of innovative ideas and business startup. Research also indicates many women and underrepresented groups may lack confidence in an idea’s value or need. They have greater difficulty attracting capital to launch their ideas and are often less likely to reapply after grant application rejection or disclose a second idea for fear of rejection.

“By leveraging the diverse intelligence, innovation capacity and cognitive resources of our population, there is the potential to create not only bigger, better and more socially-relevant ventures, but a vehicle for accessing critically valuable resources for the success of the economy.”

Sangeeta Badal, Ph.D, Gallup October 30, 2014
When significant portions of the population are not represented in the innovative process, social and economic progress suffers. The inclusion of women, people of color and members of other marginalized groups in patenting and entrepreneurship broadens our perspectives and helps find solutions to pressing issues of the day. Reversing trends that have caused exclusion in these fields will take resources and leaders who are able to provide expert guidance that result in pathways to solution.


Funding is needed to develop a more uniform network of support services for inventors and foster networks for women and minority inventors and entrepreneurs. In collaboration with the AUTM Women Inventors Committee programs will be identified to mentor women inventors. Support is also needed to encourage women, minorities and young people to pursue STEM fields.