This year, AUTM Foundation is seeking at least 50 people to make a contribution of $50 or more in support of our diversity and inclusion initiative by the end of the 2018 Annual Meeting. The AUTM Foundation is working to increase the number of women, minorities and underrepresented groups who are active in disclosing, patenting and licensing of inventions.

Did you know…

  • Less than 10% of U.S. patents have women as the lead inventor
  • The Institute for Women’s Policy Research recently published an analysis using current trends to project that the U.S. will not achieve gender parity in patenting until 2092
  • Only 20% of all patents have women inventors listed
  • Osage University Partners recently noted that only 11% of the approximate 6,000 companies in their database had a female scientific founder or co-founder

AUTM will host a plenary panel discussion on strategies for technology transfer professionals to foster greater inclusion. Please join us to learn more.

To donate to the 50 for $50 Diversity Campaign, click here.
For more information on Diversity in Innovation, please contact

To learn more about the AUTM Foundation’s mission, be sure to visit our booth at the Annual Meeting and join us for a Nightcap Reception on Tuesday, February 20th for a chance to speak one on one with board members. You can RSVP here: Space is limited.