Shared Interest Aligns U.S. – U.K. Partners Support Global Technology Transfer Training

The business of bringing the latest scientific advancements out of research institutions into the waiting world can mean breakthroughs in disease treatments or leaps in technology. That’s what inspired U.S.-based AUTM Foundation and U.K.-based LifeArc to join efforts in advancing global technology transfer training.

The AUTM Foundation, a U.S. philanthropic organization for university technology managers, worked in partnership with LifeArc, a medical research and technology transfer charity in the United Kingdom to prepare doctoral and post-doctoral students for technology transfer careers.
In its first year, five competitive U.K. scholars were awarded the LifeArc-AUTM Technology Transfer Career Training Fellowship.

“The fellowship is an exceptional program which enabled me to ‘kick-start’ my technology-transfer career,” said Sven Hoffman, a 2017-2018 fellow. “The experience allowed me to gain in-depth knowledge and practice my skills while building a great network with fantastic colleagues from all over the world.”

The LifeArc-AUTM- training program pairs each life-science graduate or post-doctoral student selected from across the European Union with an experienced technology transfer mentor who offers first-hand knowledge of the profession. Fellows follow a core syllabus of educational webinars covering topics such as: the fundamentals of technology transfer, invention disclosures from cradle to licensing, basic patenting, marketing and negotiation.

As a medical research charity, LifeArc works to identify, protect and manage promising scientific research so it can be developed into treatments and diagnostics for patients.

“Identifying promising scientific research and supporting its development into treatments and diagnostics which benefit patients is at the core of what we do. Therefore, to be able to support, educate and train technology transfer professionals at the start of their career is something we at LifeArc are extremely proud of.” said Andrew Farquharson, Executive Director of Technology Transfer and Business Development at LifeArc.

Fellowship funding includes travel, registration, and accommodations at two U.S. AUTM meetings and a European conference at PraxisAuril or ASTP-Proton, depending on participants’ location. By attending the most significant technology transfer conferences in the United States and Europe, fellows are provided with important networking opportunities with thousands of the most experienced technology transfer professionals from around the globe.

Offering web-based training and workshop training sessions, the program also provides a one-year AUTM membership with access to AUTM’s Technology Transfer Practice Manual and more than 80 educational sessions.

Building on their success, LifeArc and the AUTM Foundation are renewing the partnership for its second year this fall, encouraging competitive applications for its 2018-2019 cohort.

To learn more about this program or apply, click here.

The 2017-2018 AUTM-LifeArc Fellows at the 2018 AUTM Annual Meeting

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