Mentors Needed

We are seeking mentors from around the globe to help shape the future of promising tech transfer professionals.  Your time and expertise is invaluable and all of our past mentors have expressed how much they got out of the opportunity as well.

If interested in learning more, contact

“When I first became an AUTM member, other AUTM members took me under their wing and offered help and advice as I transitioned from the research world to the tech transfer community. I was so surprised and gratified by the willingness of people that I didn’t know to share their time and experience with me. The AUTM Foundation fellowship is so valuable because it provides a structured introduction into our fascinating and complex profession, and I am proud to serve as a mentor in this great program to help guide others as they begin their careers in academic technology commercialization.”

Michael B. Dilling, Ph.D., CLP
Executive Director, Baylor Licensing Group
Baylor College of Medicine Ventures