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The 2017-2018 Fellows at the 2018 AUTM Annual Meeting

“The fellowship is an exceptional program which enabled me to ‘kick-start’ my technology-transfer career”

 Sven Hoffman, 2017-2018 fellow

Training the Next Generation

The AUTM Foundation has entered its third year of facilitating our Technology Transfer Career Training Program! The program offers academic scientists and engineers at the graduate or post-doctoral level an opportunity to transition to careers in technology transfer by providing formal training, networking and practical experience in this field.

The Technology Transfer Career Training Program pairs selected applicants with an experienced technology transfer mentor who offers in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the complexities of the profession. Fellows follow a core syllabus of educational webinars covering such topics as the fundamentals of technology transfer, invention disclosures from cradle to licensing, basic patenting, marketing, and negotiation. The program also provides each fellow a one-year AUTM membership, which includes access to AUTM’s Technology Transfer Practice Manual and more than 80 educational sessions. Fellows are also able to attend AUTM’s TOOLs and Essentials Meeting and Annual Meeting.

This year, we have three separately funded groups of Fellows, making our grand cohort total 15 Fellows! This is one of our most diverse cohorts yet, with students from the UK, Portugal, the US, Mexico, and Canada. You can learn more about our three groups below:


For the second year, UK-based medical research charity, LIfeArc has partnered with the AUTM Foundation to give students in the UK and EU an opportunity to take part in the Technology Transfer Career Training Program. In its first year, five competitive U.K. scholars were awarded the Fellowship (pictured above), and this year the partnership has been able to accept seven scholars to take part in this unique and life-changing opportunity. You can learn more about the partnership here.

Susan Riley Keyes

Thanks to the newly created Susan Riley Keyes Memorial Scholarship, the AUTM Foundation has been able to offer six positions in our Technology Transfer Career Training Program to individuals from small TTO offices throughout North America. We humbly accepted the invitation to continue Susan’s legacy of support, service and training and have accepted six fellows from the US, Mexico, and Canada to be apart of the 2018-2019 Cohort. All six of these scholars are from TTOs with 10 or less full time employees. You can learn more about Susan Riley Keyes and her legacy here.


This year, the AUTM Foundation provided an opportunity for Universities interested in directly supporting a participant through sponsorship. This opportunity is a great way to catch new hires up to speed without burdening the current staff with training and mentoring responsibilities. Through this call for sponsors, the University of Alabama has generously committed to sponsoring two fellows for the 2018 Technology Transfer Career Training Program! Keep an eye out for information on how your University can sponsor a Fellow for the 2019 Cohort.

Interested in Mentoring?

The AUTM Foundation is always looking for established technology transfer professionals that are interested in mentoring Fellows for the Technology Transfer Career Training Program. Mentors contribute greatly to the success of the program and the future of Technology Transfer as a whole. Becoming a mentor is not only valuable to the Fellows, but to the mentor as well. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a mentor, please email kelly@autmfoundation.com with subject line “T3 Mentor.”

This Year’s Mentors

A big thank you to all of our mentors who passionately share their expertise and time to our talented fellows.

Shawn Hawkins

Richard Cox

Yatin Karpe

Hassan Naqvi

Nidhi Sabharwal

Michael Villalobos

Brian Shedd

David Day

Alan Naidoof

Kristen Leute

Darren Fast

Micheal Dilling

Joy Goswami

Mauricio Suarez

2018 – 2019 Technology Transfer Career Training Fellows

LifeArc Fellows

Lucy Barber University of Leeds

Isabel Ramos The Francis Crick Institute 

Maithili Shroff University of Dundee

Shalini Pathak University of Dundee

Eleftheria Ledaki Brunel University London

Filipa Tome Biosystems & Integrative Sciences Institute 

Monica Roman-Trufero MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences-Imperial College

Susan Riley Keyes Fellows

Alyssa Posca McMaster University

Drishi Vilkhu Sunnybrook Research Institute

Iva Bruhova Brock University

Misagh Naderi Louisiana State University

Sanaz Shahi Rowan University

Sergio Arias Martinez Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Sponsored Fellows

Hemali Patel University of Alabama at Birmingham

C. Scott Swindle University of Alabama at Birmingham