Licensing Technologies in the Global Market

The AUTM Global Technology Portal is a website showcasing university technologies available for licensing and features more than 22,000 listings. Designed to help bridge the gap between researchers and industry, the portal provides a one-stop shop for industry searching for a specific focus. Both parties are working toward the same the goal – to bring technologies to the market – but struggle with limited time and resources. The portal aims to help remedy that by:

  • Pulling technologies from institutions’ databases
  • Posting areas of interest for partnering and setting up alerts
  • Posting information about success stories and start-ups
  • Connecting the technology transfer community

It takes an average of six years from the point of initial disclosure to licensing a technology. By making well-suited matches more efficient, the portal helps speed up the process of delivering life-changing discoveries to the public more quickly.


The Global Technology Portal is seeking to enhance its platform to make collaboration more efficient and effective. Funding is needed to develop and sustain a more unified, user-friendly platform to encourage interaction and alignment. This enhanced operating platform will maximize collaboration opportunities and improve the likelihood that promising discoveries will reach the market.