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Canadian Impact Project

The Canadian government recognizes a need to share with the general public the importance of technology transfer in an accessible way and has taken steps to encourage such education. As stated in the House of Commons report, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer: Promoting Best Practices: “The lack of reliable and useful information capable of supporting policy making and economic activity is perhaps one of the greatest obstacles to technology transfer in Canada.”The AUTM Foundation is proud to create the Canadian Impact Project, which will feature a growing collection of stories about Canadian post-secondary innovations. Each story will chronicle a certain technology’s journey from the lab, to investment and expansion, and into the hands of every-day people. Read more…


The AUTM Foundation is looking for motivated sponsors to help create a platform for communication and promotion of innovation successes in Canada. It is the Foundation’s hope that this will spur growth of the technology transfer field throughout the country. Specifically, the project will create material that highlights the postsecondary human and economic impact of discoveries via print, website, and video that will be accessible to all organizations for dissemination. Its overarching objective is to associate Canadian universities with dollars, job growth, and social impact in a way that is easily understood by the general public.