A global economy has emerged through advanced communication, shared scientific knowledge and ease of travel. With 650 international members, AUTM is a recognized leader in the field of technology transfer and provides educational resources and training to support practitioners worldwide. AUTM offers international training with a high degree of cultural sensitivity and region-specific knowledge of intellectual property laws and commercialization models. Through its programs, AUTM is changing the way its members around the world take discoveries to market, making the process more efficient for licensees and their academic partners. AUTM is dedicated to helping members succeed by providing quality training that is tailored to individual needs and environments.

In collaboration with the National Intellectual Property Management Office, AUTM hosted a three-day technology transfer training in Pretoria, South Africa in 2013.  The training was attended by 30 professionals and focused on technology valuation, license negotiation and startup and business development. About 88 percent of those responding indicated the course met or exceeded their expectations. One respondent noted it was the best course they had attended in 12 years. Another recommended the AUTM training courses be extended to other South African countries to further enhance technology transfer.


Following through on expressed interested in multi-year, full-scale programs, AUTM training courses are being developed in the U.S., South Africa, Spain and Chile. Webinars, fellowships and other tailored training courses can be further developed with funding support. AUTM plans to become a global leader of best practices in technology transfer by expanding our international trainings specific to any country’s needs.